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BixTech is a digital product agency offering web app development, exceptional strategy, design, and software consulting. We aim to help businesses to grow, scale and streamline their business.

One stop for ingenuity

BixTech’s comprehensive service suite ensures the applications we design and develop set high benchmarks for efficiency, engagement, and elegance.

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What's separates us from others?

Project efficiency and clear communication with our clients are our top priorities. As such, we take our development process seriously and ensure the involvement of two critical roles throughout the entire process. While these roles might seem obvious necessities, BUT they are frequently overlooked by others in an effort to cut costs.

  • Project Manager

    • Plan your development and tech roadmap based on your priorities, timeline and budget.
    • Understand your objective and pain point, and propose features that can fundamentally resolve them.
    • Be result driven, and design your system to prioritize impact from the early stages.
  • Tester & QA

    • Ensure the system is free of bugs before it goes live.
    • Ensure we identify all bugs, preventing you or your customers from having to act as testers.

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Clicking on every level

BixTech translates your investment into experiences that engage audiences and expand the potential of your brand.

  • Full service, full stack

    From idea to implementation, our complete product development approach means convenience and less risk.

  • Smart, intuitive user experiences

    BixTech’s methodology bridges the gap between design and engineering in ways our competitors can’t.

  • Trailblazing apps that function flawlessly

    Our ambitious software and web applications offer speed, security, stability, and scalability, with attention to detail.

  • Tech that advances the industry

    BixTech are active in R&D, where we learn and implement latest technology like AI and Blockchain.

  • Brilliant, top-tier talent

    We hire only the brightest and most experienced product strategists, designers, engineers, and managers.

  • Dedicated project teams

    BixTech is always nearby, with teams 100% allocated to your project, resulting in on-time, on-budget work.


Blockchain & Web 3 Customized Development

Your Trusted Technology Partner

We are not just another vendor, or another software house, that treat you merely as a client, and become unreachable once the agreement ended and we couldn't dig more money from you. We want to become your partner, your trusted technology partner. We dedicated ourselves to assist you in every possible ways in the technology side, and help you to grow, scale and streamline your business.

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